LOST but REcovered

Get Your Lost Items Back for Free with the help of people like you!

Who has never lost a beloved or utterly important item like a car key, a baby's comforter, a mobile phone, …?

If we can't prevent you from losing one again, we can increase your chances of getting it back. To do so, we will provide you with a unique short internet address which you can put on your important belongings.

This allows someone finding one of your lost items to get in contact with you via the short URL found on the object.

You then simply choose how to organize the retrieving, either by mail, in person or by any other mean.

Why Does It Work?

Mainly for two reasons:

First, because the great majority of people is eager to help each other, and to give the found item back to its owner.

But also, because it is easy for people to get in touch with the owner once they have spotted the URL on the lost item.

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How Much Does It Cost?

In short, it's free!

Nonetheless we need your support by mean of a donation — even tiny one. See the FAQ for more details.

How to Mark Your Belongings?

With a permanent marker. This is by far the easiest way for things like clothing, bags, comforters… It however has the disadvantage of not looking so great on valuable items.

With stickers. An intermediate solution between permanent marker and engraving. You then need to make or buy some stickers. See the FAQ about buying stickers or a label printer.

With textile labels. Certainly the best choice for clothing, as you may sew or stick labels on all of them. See the FAQ about the reuse of the same ID for several objects.

By engraving. This is the more permanent way to mark your valuable belongings. You can go to the nearest key cutter & shoe repair shop to ask for engraving your object.

One of My Items Has Been Found!

The person who has found the item will recognize the ID as being an URL. By typing it in an internet browser, the finder will be able to contact you to arrange how to get your belonging back to you.

I Have Found an Item!

Type the full internet address (URL) written on the found item in your browser address bar. If it doesn't work, you may type the object ID (last part of the URL after the '/') in the appropriate form.

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